Sunday, 13 March 2011

Imitation 4, End of Recollection Day

We had a good day of recollection with Fr Alan, who talked about Lent as a 'spiritual itinerary' towards the horizon of grace, the horizon of the Resurrection, referring to the Ash Wednesday homily of Pope Benedict. He even said it is no bad thing to meditate on some of the Resurrection scenes in Lent to know where it is we're going, to know what the ultimate destination is. The Cross is on the way to something greater. That is not to say we shouldn't examine sin in this time, that we shouldn't do some digging into our lives, but we must do this only in the company of Christ and in the context of his grace.

Having said that, here's the daily reflection of Thomas a Kempis:

If anyone, being once or twice admonished, does not comply, do not argue with him but leave it all to God, who knows well how to turn evil into good, that his will may be done, and that he be honoured in all his servants. Endeavour to be patient in bearing the defects and infirmities of others, whatever they may be; because you also have many things which others must bear with.
   If you cannot make yourself what you should be, how can you expect to have someone else to your liking? We would readily have others perfect, and yet we do not amend our own faults.

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