Friday, 5 October 2007

moving right along

It's now been over a month since the start of term, and the first assignments are looming on the distant horizon. I'm currently starting an essay on Pope Gregory the Great, as well as reading up on Aquinas, the pre-Socratics, and juggling a healthy dose of latin declensions. And of course there are plenty of other things recreational and spiritual to be taking part in: football, badminton, jaunts to the Birmingham Catholic chaplaincy (Fr. Julian runs a weekly youth prayer group there), chanting practice, preparation for the in-house concert, etc. This last week was riddled with liturgical celebrations, and on Oct 1st we continued the Oscott tradition of crowning a beautiful statue of Mary which resides in the cloisters. Some of us also went to the Birmingham Oratory last night where there was a beautiful Mass of the Sacred Heart to end 40 Hours Devotion there. The college feast day is this coming Tuesday, and that should be quite an occassion. The good news is that there are no lectures that day - but it means I have to cant morning prayer!