Monday, 20 August 2007

Evan Almighty

With the holiday season being what it is, the three, sorry four (Welcome Henry) of us, haven’t been around a computer to update the Posts. September will resume with more frequent posting activity!

Among holiday activities I went to watch 'Evan Almighty' the sequel to 'Bruce Almighty'. It is rare that a practicing Catholic can watch a film these days with content that is safe, so I thought it might be worth flagging this one up. If you want to see a safe, clean comedy with a fairly good, sometimes-explicit Christian message this summer, then this is the film to watch! Kids should find it fine too as the scenes with the animals make it very family-friendly.

The plot: Evan Baxter, successful newsreader for buffalo news becomes congressman with the slogan 'change the world'. After moving to upmarket accommodation and surrounding himself with things that are worthy of his new-status he prays to God to help him do exactly that, -change the world! It really is a case of being careful what you pray for! Biblical epic meets slapstick comedy as ark building ensues, yes that’s right Evan becomes Noah! I won't spoil the ending but to stop you wondering, God doesn't kill every one!

It's actually a quite a good film with themes relating to prayer, trusting God, vocation and original sin to name but a few. The film will probably be better received in the states than here, as we seem to be a more secular society and less tolerant to religious themed films. (The treatment of 'The Nativity story' by our cinemas last Christmas was ridiculous, it didn't stand a chance)