Friday, 11 March 2011

Imitation 2

A bit late but still within the day, here's the next reflection from the Imitation. (I bought Jesus of Nazareth part II yesterday and am hoping to start that soon!)

If every year we rooted out one vice, we should soon become perfect. But as it is we often find, on the contrary, that we were better and purer in the beginning of our conversion, than after many years of our religious profession. Our fervour and progress ought to be greater every day; but now it is counted an achievement if a man can retain some part of his first fervour. If we would do but a little violence to ourselves in the beginning, afterwards we should do all things with ease and joy.

It is hard to leave off our old habits, but harder still to go against our own will. But if you do not overcome things that are small and light, how will you overcome greater difficulties?
[...] Oh! If you realised how much peace you would procure for yourself and joy to others by your well doing, I think you would be more anxious for your spiritual progress.

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