Thursday, 10 March 2011

Daily Imitation

For Lent, as my confrere has explained in a previous post, we are reading The Imitation of Christ. When he does not post about it, I'm going to make it my resolution (hopefully better kept than last year!) to post a bit of the Imitation on the blog each day. The manner in which it is written makes it very easy to do this, as it is separated into points for reflection that can be read on their own.

Here is today's reflection!

Be not ahsamed to serve others for the love of Jesus Christ, and to appear poor in this world. Trust not in your own resources but place your hope in God. Do what is in your power, and God will bless your good will. Trust not in your own knowledge, nor in the cleverness of any living creature but rather in the grace of God, who helps the humble and humbles the presumptuous.

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