Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Imitation 13 - Jesus the New Moses

The Transfiguration

[The prophets] can indeed utter words, but they do not confer the spirit. They say beautiful things, but if you [Jesus] are silent, they do not inflame the heart. They transmit the letter, but you reveal the meaning. They state the mysteries, but you enlighten the intelligence concerning the things hidden therein. They announce the commandments, but you help us to practise them. They show us the way, but you give us the strength to walk. They only work on the outside, but you instruct and illumine the hearts. They water the ground, but you give fruitfulness. They warn with words, but you give understanding.

Let not Moses speak to me, therefore, but you, O Lord my God, eternal Truth, so that I may not die and prove fruitless, as would happen if I were only outwardly admonished and not kindled within. So that the word heard and not practiced, known and not loved, believed and not observed, may not be my condemnation.

"Speak then, O Lord, for your servant is listening."

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