Monday, 13 August 2012

A new section to our blog

As we heard in our last post, Simon is taking time out of seminary and is working in a parish in the diocese, undertaking his priestly formation in a pastoral context. Lest our readers feel bereft, you may now follow him on a new section of our blog, called Down on the Farm. You can click the link, or click the Down on the Farm icon on the pages bar just below this blog's title. He hopes to post regularly, though there might not be much on there for a few days; parish life is busy, it seems!

Henry will be going on pilgrimage to the Holy Land this week, with a group of clergy from the Archdiocese of Birmingham, as is his seminary's tradition for the diaconal year. We know that he will be taking the diocese's intentions with him in prayer to the holy places, and we wish him a safe, prayerful and unforgettable time. We look forward to hearing from him soon.