Saturday, 20 February 2010

'Seeking is open to everyone'

Here is today's excerpt from Julian of Norwich, reflecting on her second vision of Christ's passion:

"This vision shows us that there are two activities: one is seeking, the other is seeing. Seeking is open to everyone. It is something that everyone can do, with the grace of God, and everyone ought to have guidance and teaching about it from Holy Church.

As we seek God it is his will that we do three things: first, that by his grace we apply ourselves seriously to the task of seeking him and not in a lethargic way, not weighed down by unnecessary heaviness and usleless depression. Second, that to the end of our lives we resolutely wait for him, out of love for him, without grumbling or pulling against him, for this life is so short anyway. Third, that we trust him utterly out of complete faith in him. For he wants us to know that he will appear unexpectedly, bringing perfect happiness to all who love him.

For he works in secret and yet wants to be perceived. He will come back suddenly. And he wants to be trusted, for he is such a gracious and loving friend. Praise him!"

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