Sunday, 21 February 2010

The Devil's Sorrow

Today's excerpt from Revelations of Divine Love:

"Our Lord showed that it is his Passion which overcomes the devil, and that the devil is as malicious now as ever he was before the incarnation. However hard he works, he continually sees all souls escape him to God's glory saved by the power of Christ's precious Passion. This is the devil's sorrow and shameful horror, for everything which God permits him to do turns to joy for us and rebounds on him in disgrace and pain. And his sorrow is just as great when God allows him to work as when he doesn't, because he can never do all the evil he wants to do, for God has the devil's power locked in his control.

But as I see it, there is no anger in God. For our dear Lord always works for his own glory and the good of those who are going to be saved. With his power and justice he opposes the malice and malignity of the damned who busily scheme and machinate against him. I saw our Lord scorn the devil's malice, and reduce his empty power to nothing; and he wants us to do the same. When I saw this I burst out laughing and that made everyone around me laugh too and their laughter gave me great pleasure..."

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