Thursday, 14 May 2009

Year of the Priest Blog

Coming soon is a new blog from Oscott seminary for the upcoming Year of the Priest. One of the seminarians had the idea to start it as a way of promoting a culture of vocations, and its aim will be both to have different members of the community talk about the life of the seminary, and to share their own testimonies about their path of discernment. Hopefully it will be an effective way of encouraging others who are thinking of the priesthood to step out into the deep! But it will also be a chance for everyone to share in the life of a diocesan seminary community, and an indirect way of eliciting your prayers for our growth and mission (for as St John Vianney said, man is a beggar before God, and we unashamedly beg for prayers from all quarters!).

Look out for the first post in the next few days on

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