Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Padraig's Candidacy and Michael's Deanship

Well, it's all been happening these last few days... Padraig, our 4th year brother in albs, along with Ben and Craig from his year, has now been instituted as a candidate for the priesthood, which is the last big step before diaconate ordination - he is thereby recognised in a more formal capacity as presenting himself for the diocesan priesthood. Congratulations to him (and prayers please)! Also, congrats to our own Michael, soon deacon-to-be, who was elected student dean the other day, and will ensure a covert East Anglian coup of the seminary I'm sure. His first words to the world? 'You've all brought it on yourselves...'

Today we officially celebrated the 50th anniversary of Bishop Philip Pargeter (auxiliary of Birmingham who lives next to the seminary) to the priesthood. 50 years and he's still going strong. We had a lovely Mass at the cathedral, and then the guests came back to Oscott for a buffet lunch which was a welcome opportunity for people to mingle. Now I'd better concentrate on that Aquinas essay I was doing!

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