Thursday, 21 May 2009

Archbishop Vincent's Installation

Well, we had a long but enjoyable day in London for the installation of Archbishop Vincent in Westminster. Firsty, how do you get seminarians to be ready to leave on the coach at 7? You give them a cooked breakfast beforehand! After what seemed an interminable journey, we got to Victoria, and went to the Cathedral House to pick up our tickets. Then we vested in our albs and processed in to the Cathedral at 11.15 along with the other priests. After sung midday prayer, various priests (including our rector), the bishops, the nuncio etc and Cardinal Cormac Murphy O'Connor processed in, and then the Provost and Canons of the Cathedral Chapter went to meet Archbishop at the door at 12.00, upon which there was a glorious trumpet fanfare. From my spot where I could not see anything, I could only be content with the buzz that seemed to electrify the Cathedral as the congregation beheld their incoming pastor. After various prayers, and being sat in the cathedra and given the crozier by the Cardinal, Archbishop Vincent Nichols of Birmingham became Archbishop Vincent Nichols of Westminster...

I'm too whacked after a long day to go into the details of the Mass, which was lovely, and which you've probably read about anyway. It was also nice to meet the Allen Hall seminarians and other priests from Westminster afterwards. I'll just conclude with a prayer for the new leader of the Catholic Church in England which was prayed for him by the Provost:

May he watch over the flock now committed to his care,
and by his gentle rule
bring all into your Kingdom,
where you live and reign for ever and ever.


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John the organist said...

not really for publishing but just to agree waht a fantastic day it was. You may have got up to leave at 7 but we servers were reheasing Monday and Tuesday eveing and in the day on Wed.So we were all pretty tired by the end of the day. John, my husbsnd and myself even fell asleep at our chorus rehearsal in the evening. We were consecration torches. We rushed home to watch and alas had lost the last part of the Mass due to the over run. Archbishop Nicols took the cathedral oarish Confirmation on Pentecost Sunday and was so nice with the young people. I help with that as well,,, are we ever at home. Our youngest is working at the cycle shop in Birmingham so we might be up again to visit,. have to take a ride to see Oscott. Liz.