Sunday, 3 April 2011

Last Imitation? - the need to have recourse to God in troubles

Apologies for not posting an Imitation yesterday. I'm finding it hard to select bits that aren't repeating what has already been said - that's just the nature of the book it seems! So I was wondering, seeing as I've begun Pope Benedict's new book on Jesus of Nazareth, maybe I'll post something from that each day instead of the Imitation. If anyone's go any objections let me know. Otherwise, tomorrow you will find a quote from Jesus of Nazareth...

Here's today's Imitation:

"Moses always had recourse to the tabernacle in order to decide all doubts and questions, and fled to the aid of prayer for help against the dangers and wickedness of men. So must you, in like manner, take refuge in the secret of your heart, and there most earnestly implore God's help."

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