Monday, 14 February 2011

Candidacy Retreat

The Fourth Year were away this weekend on Candidacy Retreat, to reflect on  the upcoming decision to apply for candidacy. Candidacy is state whereby a seminarian formally takes the step to become a student for the priesthood, to say "Yes" to this way of life. The formation staff for their part formally acknowledge signs of an authentic vocation in the seminarian, and give their own "Yes" to his more focused preparation for ordination. The shift is generally one from discernment in a basic sense (Am or am I not called to priesthood?) to more particular anticipation (how can I prepare myself to live this life that I am choosing?).

We went away to St Mary's Abbey in Colwich, which is home to a group of Benedictine sisters. We were grateful for their prayerful witness, their hospitality, and the excellent food!

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