Tuesday, 30 June 2009

New Deacons

In case you were holding your breath, the five guys from the top year were ordained on Saturday, including Michael and Luke for East Anglia, and are off now to start their summer placements. It was a really moving occasion to see them lying prostrate on the floor while the litany was sung (St Felix and Our Lady of Walsingham among the implored), but unfortunately I couldn't really see them being vested, as the we in the schola were singing the Veni Creator Spiritus at the time (Come Holy Spirit)... They really looked the part in their stoles and dalmatics! When I asked them afterwards how they felt, they said they didn't feel much different, except one guy who said he felt 'ontologically changed.' Maybe next year in seminary they'll take on the role of Deacon Payne, Seminary Formationator, seen on this link!

Term finished after Sunday, when we had a big Mass for the Solemnity of Ss Peter and Paul in the college grounds, with Archbishop Vincent, the Birmingham bishops, and 3,000 guests. It was a great way to finish the year, and the returning Arch preached well about what St Paul can teach us at the end of the Year of Paul. I've stayed on for a week to work in the grounds with a few others. Fortunately we're able to go to Mass every day. The work consists of weeding and pruning mainly, and is nice as I don't have to think about anything much!

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