Saturday, 11 April 2009

He descended into Hell

These words form the Creed are often passed over quickly, but there is much beauty and drama in them. In the the medieval mystery plays, the Harrowing of Hell was depicted in the most amazing imagery, with Christ bursting through the infernal gates that Satan's minions guard. Then the first Adam, the one through whom we inherited original sin, is redeemed by the Second Adam, the one in whom we inherit salvation. All the prophets and holy men and women of the Old Covenant meet the One who is the fulness of God's revelation to men, the One whose face they seek ('It is your face O Lord that I seek/ Hide not your face'). Let us pray as we await the joy of Easter tomorrow, that we will not lose hope in the Lord's saving presence in our lives, even when He seems most dead and absent.


Paul said...

I absolutely love the 2nd reading from the office of readings today. The conversation between Christ and the 1st Adam makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand on edge. Well, I say conversation, it's more one-sided that that.

EA Seminarians said...

Happy Easter Paul! Yes, the 2nd reading for Holy Saturday is brilliant. I hope your Triduum has gone well.