Sunday, 10 March 2013

House Group Mass

Laetare! Rejoice! We're halfway through Lent...

One aspect of community life at seminary is House Groups. Once a fortnight, we meet in small inter-year groups with a member of staff in order to pray, discuss issues in the community, and socialise. On Friday, we all went of for our termly House Group Masses, and my group trecked all the way to Stone, a market town in Staffordshire where Blessed Dominic Barberi ministered in the 1840's. The Italian Passionist was reviled by the townspeople initially, but eventually won them over through his gentleness, humility and perseverance, and a small chapel was built for the resident Catholic community. We were able to have Mass there, and also to sit in the chair where Blessed Dominic heard confessions!

It is well worth reading about this amazing priest who later received Newman into the Church. I recommend the CTS pamphlet by Fr Ben Lodge, or the older, very good book by Alfred Wilson.

And of course, Happy Mothers Day to all mother out there! Not long ago the Congregation for Clergy wrote a letter thanking the mothers of seminarians for forming their sons and generously giving them to the Church. Without mothers we wouldn't be here! For that reason, let's pray for the success of the Pro-Life march in Birmingham this afternoon, which is expecting great numbers of people from all over the country and beyond...

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