Saturday, 26 November 2011

Advent of Advent

Well, it shall nearly be new year, and, probably, if you are reading this, it already is!

So happy new year.

Oscotian tradition dictates that we have an advent wreath during the season, as most parishes do, which has become just as much a Catholic tradition as it is already a protestant tradition, being Lutheran in origin and all. I remember that we had red candles as a little boy in Germany in good Saxon tradition!

I've spent the afternoon working on this year's wreath with brother choir-master, which is a little smaller and stumpier than the one I did last year with brother organist. That was so big and full of pine-cones, that you couldn't see the choir on the other side of the chapel! Though some of the brethren don't like as much extravagance as I do when it comes to floral arrangements; the rocket-shaped gladioli erupting from the paschal candle last Pentecost was a step too far for some!

Waiting for Advent: our austere little wreath!
Brother Sacristan hasn't changed the frontals yet
(More astute readers will notice that our candlesticks
have changed. The Pugin ones came down today
to be sent to the repairers)
So we wish all our readers, and all the faithful in East Anglia, and very happy and healthful new year!

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Frederick Oakeley said...

The call to prepare for Christmas properly is crucial. The reticence of Advent is needed if the exuberance of Christmas is to be enjoyed. Feasts demand fasts. The Church knows that and we need her to recover her confidence and teach a new approach to Advent.