Sunday, 7 August 2011

The importance of prayer for vocations: a pastoral theology situation

Sometimes, I look back over my life, and I’m overwhelmed and humbled by some of the extraordinary moments of grace which I have been able to witness taking place in and through other people, mainly in monasteries and hospitals. As grace operates differently in different people, some of these moments may seem banal to others!

One of these little moments of grace was during post-Mass coffee, which I have, just for fun, turned into a pastoral theology-style ‘situation’ we have to discuss at Oscott.

Parishioner 1 was talking about vocations to the priesthood, and that the fewer number of priestly vocations being pursued suggests that the Church reconsider the discipline of priestly celibacy.

Parishioner 2 interjected, suggesting that, in reality, we, as laypersons in parishes, are not doing much about the vocations crisis. Parishioner 2 said that, if we really believed in the vital importance of the ministerial priesthood, we would be earnestly praying, in public, for vocations every day, after Mass, or at another time, like we used to.

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