Monday, 11 July 2011

Congratulations Fr Padraig

On Saturday in a full cathedral Padraig Hawkins was ordained priest for the diocese, the third ordination in the space of a year. Bishop Peter Doyle presided (he had in fact been asked to do it some weeks ago), but Bishop Michael was unable to attend because, as many of you know, he had a stroke and was rushed to hospital on Thursday. It is thought he will not recover consciousness. Please pray for him at this time, and for the diocese. I think it was very moving that Fr Padraig was able to go give Bishop Michael his First Blessing in the hospital straight after the ordination.

Yesterday Fr Padraig celebrated two Masses in his home parish of St Philip Howard in Cherry Hinton, Cambridge. He said Mass very reverently and gave First Blessings afterwards. Later on there was a parish "do" with culinary and cultural contributions from the parish's different ethnic communities.

Fr Padraig thanked everyone who had contributed to his formation as a Christian and as a priest, and thanked Msgr Eugene Harkness, his parish priest, for his example of priesthood. He said it is important that we have good priests as models for how to live the priesthood.

May Fr Padraig have many years in his new ministry, at the service of the Lord's Gospel in this diocese of rich and ancient Christian heritage!


Lucy said...

Praying for Father Padraig. We were not able to make it to mass as we were ill so we did not know the news about Bishop Michael either- he will be in our prayers.

Tony said...

May I say that it was a pleasure to be present at such a momentous occasion. It is always a joy to attend an Ordination and it was also an unexpected pleasure to be able to receive Communion from Fr Padraig himself.

I look forward with great hope to being able to attend the next ordination in two years time.

It was only a pity this weekend that Bishop Michael was unable to attend in person, although I'm sure he would have been there in spirit.

Stephen said...

It was also a great joy to me to receive Our Lord from Fr Padraig and I would hope to receive his blessing within the year. It was also great to talk to Henry and Simon and to talk to other priests.
My God grant more good orthodox priests