Thursday, 23 June 2011

Oscotian Day

Yesterday was the Feast of Ss John Fisher and Thomas More, as everyone knows. It was also the birthday of Blessed Dominic Barberi. It was also Oscotian Day. Those who studied at the college, priests and also some laymen, came back to celebrate the heritage of Oscott, to meet in fraternity, and to remember their own time here (hopefully with fondness). Msgr Philip Shryane from Bury St Edmunds was the president this year and celebrated the Mass. At lunch the rector looked back over the past year, a 'fairly quiet year' he said tongue in cheek, only the Papal Visit and two successful Invocation events to account for, as well as frantic preparations for a seminary community twice its present size come September...

There were I think seven East Anglians up here for the day, and it was great to see them, especially as last year they were on the diocesan retreat and could not come. The lunch was a real occassion for comraderie, and makes the day one of the highpoints of the college year.

Long may Oscott serve the Church faithfully in England, Scotland and Wales, preparing men to be Her priests.

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