Sunday, 20 June 2010


June is proving to be a very busy month.

It is topped and tailed with Quarantore, and next week, we conclude the month of the Sacred Heart with ordinations to the diaconate.

Today, however, has been an important event for year three, including our very own Henry, who received the Ministry of Acolyte at Mass this morning. Two students from the archdiocese of Birmingham, and one student from the diocese of Nottingham received the ministry, and a Birmingham student received the Ministry of Lector. Both of these, formerly minor orders, are conferred upon men, who, usually in preparation for priestly ordination, become related to Mother Church's ministry in a particular way. As the bishop said to Henry and the others during the rite, "it is your responsibility to assist priests and deacons in carrying out their ministry, and as special ministers to give holy communion to the faithful at the liturgy and to the sick."

Pretty self-explanatory, really! Oscotian tradition dictates that those receiving this ministry 'take-over' the serving of those acting as their 'vicars' for the Liturgy of the Word. Needless to say, perhaps unintentionally, Henry took over my role; so we kept it East Anglian.

Congratulations to all those who received their ministries today.

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