Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Kalendarium of Karol Wojtyla

Sorry for the lull in the Daily Julian; she's kind of in third heaven at the moment and it's hard finding a snippet that will be readily understandable in a post!
On another note, I bought a bargain book the other day in St Paul's bookshop: The Making of the Pope of the Millenium: Kalendarium of the life of Karol Wojtyla. It is a chronologically ordered collection of the Pope's own words or writings, other's testimonies about him, and biographical facts of his life in an 800 page tome that gives some very interesting insights into his personality and spiritual journey. As the extracts are fairly brief, it is a book that one can easily dip in and out of. And it's only £10. Bargain!

In one extract from a letter just after he was ordained, Fr Karol said of the priesthood (after apologising for his inability to see the friend to whom he was writing):

"... a priest should be present in life in general, a hidden, driving force. Yes, despite all appearances, that is the main duty of the priesthood. Hidden forces usually produce the strongest actions."

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