Thursday, 22 October 2009

Mary - Sedes Sapientiae

Tuesday 2oth October was for Oscott the Solemnity of Our Lady Seat of Wisdom (sedes sapientiae). Mary was the 'seat' from which Christ the infant learned the Scriptures which was so much a part of devout Jewish practice. She was the seat by which He who is Wisdom itself 'grew in wisdom,' first as an infant, and later as an adolescent (Luke 2:52). At the end of certain prayers I often pray to Mary under the title of Seat of Wisdom and Our Lady of Walsingham, and it is fitting that as Our Lady of Walsingham, Mary is shown holding the Christ child in her lap, as in the depiction of her as Seat of Wisdom. There is for me therefore a small but appropriate connection between Oscott and the diocesan shrine! I like to pray that Mary, who treasured the experiences of her motherhood of Jesus in her heart, will grant me wisdom to discern my path here at seminary, helping me to 'do whatever Christ tells me.'

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