Friday, 30 January 2009

In the tomb with Christ

We had a great time in Belmont, and Br Andrew's profession was very moving. As the Rev Johnson says on his blog, the abbot gave a thought-provoking homily about how monastic life is a witness to the existence of God in a busy world, like men standing at a bus stop, waiting. The liturgy was beatiful, and during the profession Br Andrew had to sing three times the Suscipe me Domine, which translates as:

'Uphold me Lord, according to your promise, and I shall live, and do not bring to nothing all my hope.'

At the end Br Andrew's hood was indeed pinned up, and he was led away to spend three days in silent retreat, a symbol of his death to the world with Christ in the tomb. I expect he'll be very talkative when he comes back to study at seminary!

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Paul said...

I spoke to him today, and indeed, he was talkative. Looking forward to him being back with us.