Saturday, 13 September 2008

Vigil for Vocations

The other night we had a Holy Hour for vocations to the diocesan priesthood, and for the conversion of England. It seems Michael had became fed up with the state of things ('Everyone's up and joining these religious orders, so we've got to be radical!'), so he advertised the Holy Hour for 2-3 am. However, most of the seminarians assumed it was meant to be 2-3 PM! Quite a few seminarians came nonetheless which was very encouraging. Please continue to pray for the diocesan priesthood in England and Wales, that young men will consider this call seriously, and that we will be true and courageous servants of the Gospel.

I have been reading Lumen Gentium for one of my courses, and it has a beautiful reference to the Church's ministries:

'[Christ] continually provides in his body, that is, in the Church, for gifts of ministries through which, by his power, we serve each other unto salvation so that, carrying out the truth in love, we may through all things grow unto him who is our head.' LG 1, 7


Joee Blogs said...

Wow 2am - that's very pious! Go Michael!

Victoria said...

Vocations will increase when Catholic schools become more than just Catholic-in-name-only and teach the authentic Faith not an ersatz variety.

Vocations will increase when the bishops stop being lukewarm.

Vocations will increase when families become truly the domestic Church.

A Simple Sinner said...

"('Everyone's up and joining these religious orders, so we've got to be radical!')"

Perhaps because the religous superiors of these orders - with the canonical status commensurate to a bishop - are often times doing what many lukewarm bishops are NOT - being unambiguously and uncomprimisingly Catholic.

Lord, send us more bishops with spines made of steel.