Thursday, 15 May 2008

Year of Discernment?

Exams are halfway over - woohoo! Just Boethius' reconciliation of free will and divine foreknowledge, Aquinas' argument of contingency, the life of St. Francis, and the development of the medieval parish to do! So I thought I'd take the opportunity to make an advertisement...

For any young Catholics that are looking for something to do for a year before Uni/ after Uni, there is a programme in Soho, London called St. Patrick's Evangelisation School, which is a great opportunity for growing in one's faith. It involves living in a small community in London, helping out in a busy city centre parish, receiving catechesis from many priests, religious and laypeople, including a degree in Religious Studies from Maryvale Institute. There are pilgrimages to places like Rome, and mini retreats throughout the year, with the aim of helping young Catholics discover the fulness of the Church and discern their Christian vocation. There is also an emphasis on evangelisation, mostly in the West End of London, whether it is doing outreach work for the homeless and lonely, or engaging with the many thousands of people who come to Soho to shop, who often have no sense of Christ's personal love for them.

The School is looking for young people who would be willing to give a year to God in such a way, ready to be formed as witnesses for the New Evangelisation which Pope John Paul II spoke of. The School's motto is, 'Always be ready to give an account of the hope that is within you' (Pet 3.15). Having done the year prior to coming to seminary, I can say it was a grace-filled experience and well worth the time! If anyone would like to find out more about St. Patrick's, they can check out the blog at, or they can go to the website at


Santiago Chiva de Agustín said...

Probably you know the Youtube video “May feelings”. Young students of Universities of Madrid say reasons pray the holy rosary. (in Spanish, with english subtitles)
See it:
It is one of the most watched videos on Youtube in May.

Santiago (Granada, Spain)

heinzp57 said...

When are we going to get a picture of young Henry!!!!

Having spent a few years trying to the teach the young fellow it would be great to see a pupil of a Catholic school on his way to ordination. Afterall, isn't that what Catholic schools are *ALL* about - helping the young find their vocation?

Stephen Patten
(with apologies to Henry for not being anywhwere near as good a teacher as I could have been

Anne said...

perhaps a bizarre question...
but the other day one of my friends was talking to me about the reconciliation of free will and divine foreknowledge, and then I turn up here and see you mentioned Boethius.
Is there any book I could get out from the library/website which has his argument on it?

Thanks so much!

EA Seminarians said...

Dear Mr. Patten,

Thank you for commenting, and sorry for not replying - I was trying to reply with the wrong address! Just for the record, you were a good teacher, and the only one who ever prayed with us or mentioned the saint of the day before class... I see in retrospect that I wasn't the most diligent pupil! I hope you are well, and still enjoying teaching. There should be a picture of all of us on the blog before not too long - trouble is some are off on placement at the moment. Keep us in the prayers.

God bless,