Saturday, 22 September 2007

Parish Life!

Both Michael and myself are on our 'extended parish placement' at the moment. In other words we are working in parishes until Christmas, the idea being that living in the presbytery and engaging in pastoral work gives you an idea of what we're letting ourselves into, when God-willing we are ordained.

Michael is in Cambridge and I am at St. Mary's, Woodbridge Rd, Ipswich. Beginning my third week now I have to say that, although early days, it is turning out to be a unique, life giving if not very busy, chapter of my formation, indeed my life.

The community at St Mary's has been very welcoming and the Parish Priest Monsignor Leeming has been most hospitable.

Most of the work to date has been based around the High School, St Albans. From teaching year 7 RE students about the Mass, to giving
talks on the RCIA programme to exercising my ministry as Lector & Acolyte - I'm certainly being kept busy.

Please pray for Michael and Myself at this critical point in our formation for Priestly ministry.

Watch this Space for further updates and reflections!

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Orthfully Catholic said...

What a small world, I was Baptised at St Mary's by Fr Tony Sketch, who also presided at my Grandfather's Requiem there, it has been my family's parish for years, it would be mine if my parents hadn't moved out of Suffolk. If he is still there the Deacon knows my dad and uncles - they used to call him Thumper. Two of my aunts went to the convent school (one Catholic the other Anglican). Wow, that's amazing, I'll have to tell my Grandmother - she'd love a visit!