Monday, 16 July 2007

Graduation Day

On Friday my year group finally reached graduation for our degrees from Birmingham University. Oscott is affiliated with BU in order that the work we would do anyway in order to fulfil the requirements of the Holy See is recognised by the secular world as amounting to something!

During the ceremony an honourary doctorate was given to an Anglican Bishop who was lauded during the proceedings for being known as a "radical liberal" - makes you squirm just thinking about it doesn't it! However during the Bishop's own acceptance speech he talked about the importance of the subjects of the School of Historical Studies (to which theoogy belongs) because we must not fall into the common modern day trap of thinking we are starting everything from the beginning ourselves, we are all recipitents of a heritage which has given us the opportunities we have today. We must look to the past and understand how we have got to where we are now in order to authentically move forward. I think you could call that a hermeneutic of continuity, but more of that elsewhere!


LL said...

Good to see that you all wore clericals under your academic gowns. Of course, a biretta would have been better than the mortar-board... :)

Matt Doyle said...

Congratulations. That is a familiar background, and you all look fabulous!