Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Ordination, Schools Outreach and Jury Service!

Its been a few weeks since we last posted on the Blog. Its been quite eventful. Term finished on the 16th of June with the diaconate Ordinations of Chris Howard, Simon Penhalagan, Andrew Richardson, Sean Riley and Paul Smith. Phillip Harries was ordained last Friday (22nd of June). Please keep them in your prayers.

Immediately prior to the Ordinations Oscott had, what we refer to as Schools Outreach. In effect this is more of a Schools ‘in-reach’ since the schools come to us! This means that everyday for a fortnight 90-120 year six pupils from the Archdiocese of Birmingham come to Oscott, where we break them into groups of about 20 and do catechetical activities with them. This ends with all the Schools coming together for Mass, at the end oft the day. This programme although tiring, is always an incredible blessing, and a great Pastoral initiative of the college. This year seemed no exception, it all went smoothly and the pupils seemed profoundly moved by the experiences they had, particularly through meditative prayer and Holy Mass.

Michael and I finished our degree, both getting a 2:1 from Birmingham University,- we graduate on the 13th July, well I hope to at least,- I’m on Jury Service at the moment at Birmingham Crown Court, here's hoping I finish before my graduation!

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