Sunday, 13 May 2007

Sunday, day of rest and a day of, uhm....revision!

As much as I detest the idea of working.....on a Sunday. The prospect of walking into an oral exam tomorrow with nothing to say other than to spell out the word utilitarianism in an many different accents as humanly possible, is not something I'm terribly looking forward to.

Why is it that some of the most competent of speakers are reduced to an incomprehensible mess at the prospect of having to answer straight forward questions? I think I'll have to become a politician!

So, alas I'll have to 'hit the books' today, despite my puritanical tendencies

So if there are any of you reading this who are taking exams at the moment, my prayers are with you, and if anyone reads this post before 9.00am on Monday the 14th May, send a few prayers in the direction of Michael, Padraig and myself!

God Bless.


Anonymous said...

Oh so blogging is what Oscott seminarians do when they are not working. Well it's good to see you're catching up with the outside world. You'll all be on Facebook next.

Fr Julian Green said...

By the way it's Fr Julian - I don't know why I got changed to mere julian